Welcome to Bridgeway City Church!

Our desire is to create a warm and caring family atmosphere in a Spirit-Filled Center for all who participate with us.

Through an Inspired Music Ministry, we can enjoy the dynamics of praise and worship.

With various Bible Education Topics and Teachings,  we welcome and treasure the Word of God to touch the very center of our lives.

We believe you will appreciate and enjoy the "Differing Graces" of our Lord Jesus Christ, which are administered in our midst through an experienced and seasoned Pastoral Staff.

As you are considering us as a church that meets your needs, you will be able to feel the presence of God through our vital Prayer Ministry.

We have such a care for Children and Youth, and have an excellent staff to meet the needs of your entire family through Children's Ministry and Youth Meetings.

We have a vision for Missions and Outreach Ministries in compliance with the Great Commission. Sharing the Gospel to those who have no relationship with Jesus Christ is our dearest task.

Our community desire to build an "Exalted House" for the Lord, as well as helping and serving the Believers to achieve an Exalted House within themselves.

Bridgeway City Church sees the importance of corporate family outings, such as parks and recreational settings, marriage outings, campouts, and seminars on the family to fulfill our total family needs.

Thank you for being with us.